The Halifax Chinese Language School Society

Annual Report (2011)

Board of Directors

January 22, 2012


This is the 19th anniversary of the Halifax Chinese Language School (HCLS). The HCLS was established in January 1993 by a group of enthusiastic volunteers to promote the Chinese language learning and Chinese culture in Halifax, Nova Scotia.During the past 19 years, the school has experienced its growth and success, thanks to all teachers, volunteers, students and their parents. Currently the HCLS has six Chinese language classes, three mathematics classes and two art/drawing classes, and is an important part of the vibrant life of the Chinese Community in Nova Scotia.

I: Report on the Previous Annual Meeting

The HCLS called for an annual general meeting on February 6, 2011 to elect seven members to the 2011 Board of Directors of the HCLS. Elected members of the 2011 Board of Directors are Sam Li (Chair of Board and Chair of Parents’ Committee), Michael Ruan (Vice Chair of Board), Jinyu Sheng (Principal), Jason Gu (Vice Principal), Li Zhai (Vice Principal and Treasurer), Mei Wang (Recreation and Representative of School Teachers) and Shiliang Shan (Assistant Treasurer).

The election of the Board of Directors is required by Canadian law as the school is officially registered as a non-profit organization.

II: Review of the Activities of 2011

In 2011, the HCLS has focused on its core function of providing a unique opportunity and environment for our children to learn Chinese language and also improve their math skills and arts/drawing skills. Additionally, it had organized the Annual Summer Barbeque, Student Safety Supervision and the 2011 Chinese New Year Party.

III: Our Thanks to All Volunteers, Teachers, Students and their Parents  

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank volunteers and teachers for their contributions to the school. Many volunteers helped in our academic programs, student safety supervision program and social events. Without them, our events and achievements would not be possible. The Chair of the Board also wishes to thank the 2011 Board of Directors personally for their support and sacrifices. We would also like to thank all the students and their parents for choosing the HCLS during the past year. Without them, the HCLS would not exist.

Best wishes to all for happiness and prosperity in the year of the Dragon!  


2011 中文学校董事会成员


董事长:           李善春404-2303)

副董事长            阮志宏 (402-1999)

校长:              申锦瑜(445-3051)

副 校 长:             顾建军 (446-7168)


副校长兼会计:             (488-6181)

教师代表()          (431-0528)

会计助理:             单士亮 (494-7007)

文体活动主任           (431-0528)

家长委员会主任():       李善春(404-2303